About ElKotob

Elkotob.com is a specialised IT development and operations service provider that was founded in 2006, and mainly specialised in developing and maintaining e-commerce systems for books publishing, and distributing.

Elkotob.com Ltd has been leading a number of development projects in the book domain to support its sister company The Book Depository Ltd business and operations. With the great potential in Arab world, Elkotob.com Ltd is giving attention to the book market in the Middle East and starting a number of projects to support the company aspiration to lead the Arabic book market, in the Middle East region as well as becoming the biggest Arabic books supplier in the world.

Elkotob.com holds various experiences such as:

Technical Support Groups: Elkotob.com has a number of full time system administrators and technical support staff, who are capable of installing any needed infrastructure to host advertising web pages, and any needed internal systems.

Development Groups: Elkotob.com has software development groups, so we are able to develop any needed applications or websites in house and to maintain and keep them up to date with any required changes.

Domain Knowledge: Elkotob.com has worked since its first day within the book domain. All our operations, support, as well as system development projects have been related to books.

Customer Support: Elkotob.com has 2 experienced customer support teams, who cover 617 hours per week with average e-mails of 22624.

Digital Content Group: Elkotob.com had well trained staff who worked on producing digital content for Dodo press imprint. The group produced 14,000 books for Print on Demand (POD). The group has deep understanding of text structure and are able to analyse both Arabic and English content.